Okinawa, 2014

July 2014
Okinawa, 5 Day / 4 Night

Day 1 : Hong Kong > Okinawa

We took a late morning direct flight by Hong Kong Airline and arrived Okinawa around 2.30pm.  We rented a car from Times Car Rental which seems to be more popular among locals.  Our hotel, JAL City Naha, is right in the heart of Naha, extremely convenient for food and shopping.  I only booked this trip a few weeks prior so I didn’t have much options in terms of hotel/resort.  Staying at a resort would be more ideal when traveling with kids but I was very happy with our choice too.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering in the shopping area and trying out ice-cream.  Thanks to Okinawa’s popular Blue Seal ice-cream, my girl has transformed from taking a few licks of ice-cream to finishing a whole scoop by herself!

Naha, Okinawa, Japan

Day 2 : Okinawa

Today we met up with hubby’s cousin & family to spend the day.  Attractions scattered all over the island and driving from one point to another usually take 1-2 hrs so best to plan ahead of time to avoid too much time not the road.

Busena Marine Park, Okinawa, Japan

Another thing we figured out was that restaurants at resorts/hotels are likely to be fully booked for dinner as hotel guests tend to return for dinner.

Hanaorisoba 花織そば , Okinawa, Japan

Day 3 : Okinawa

It was another lovely sunny day.  We did some historical sight seeing and went to one of the beach on the south east side of the island.

Shurijo, Okinawa, Japan
Dinner at Makishi Public Market 牧志公設市場, Okinawa, Japan

Day 4 : Okinawa

An exciting day for the kids.  Not only did they meet up with the cousins, we spent the day at the famous aquarium and had some beach time as well.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium & Ocean Expo Park, Okinawa

Day 5 : Okinawa > Hong Kong

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