Travel Log

October 2014

Kyoto & Osaka, 5 day / 4 night

It was not my first time at Kyoto and Osaka. This trip was mainly to take my mom to see the beautiful Kyoto and since kids were on school break, they got to come along too.


June 2014

Barcelona – Madrid – Berlin – Munich, 12 Day / 12 Night

I had been looking forward to this trip for over a year….

 March 2014
Siem Reap, Cambodia – 4 Day / 3 Night

Day 1: Didn’t do much.  We chose to take direct flight which was only available in mid day.  Chilled out at the hotel – Memoire d’ Angkor boutique hotel, had dinner at Haven and a stroll in the pub street area.

On arrival to Siem Reap
Haven Training Restaurant

Day 2: Started our 2-day local tour. Went around to see the temples, did a boat ride along Mekong river, and saw the Siem Reap sunset.  Ended the day with a lovely dinner at Mie Cafe.

Local tour day 1, morning
Local tour day 1, afternoon
Mie Cafe

Day 3: Apart from seeing temples, we took an elephant ride as well.  It was a hot day and a lot of walking.  We ended the day early and had a swim in the hotel.  Dinner was at the Heritage Restaurant at Heritage Suite hotel.

Local tour day 2, morning
Local tour day 2, afternoon
Heritage Restaurant, Heritage Suites Hotel

Day 4: Our flight was in the afternoon.  We just relaxed and swam at the hotel.  Lunch was at the hotel and was good as well.

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