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Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant @ Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

There are a number of vietnamese restaurants along Joo Chiat Road and we chose this because it was full house and with a small queue while others were at most half full.   It took us about 10mins in the queue to get a table.

Special raw beef noodle – raw beef, beef balls, beef shin, beef brisket.  Good soup base, beef was tender and brisket cooked well.    

Noodle with pork knuckle and vietnamese sausages – meat was soft and soup base was flavorful but I think they do a better job with the beef.  

Almost every table ordered one of these – was good but not the best.  

We will certainly come back again for a hearty bowl of beef noodle!

Nuoc @ Orchard Central

The restaurant is at the rooftop garden of Orchard Central. Nice view and surrounded by plants and a pond.

Vietnamese spring roll – the rice paper wrapping was thin and crunchy; filling was tasty too

Nuoc special chicken wings, with butter, garlic & peppercorn – yummy…one of my favorite Vietnamese dish

Stir-fried kang kong

Beef noodle soup – beef was tender (order was split into 2 bowls before served)

Glass vermicelli with fresh crabmeat – am sure the meat was from fresh crab as there were bits of crab shell

Vietnamese coffee – a must have for me at Vietnamese restaurant