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Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

We didn’t come here for the trading excitement … Not many many years back, not this time too.

We arrived before 11am, the market seemed quiet from the outside but my goodness, I didn’t remember the queuing was so intense…queues outside of the shops and queues (very organized) around the block as well

The dry market was also fun…

Japanese style omelette is another popular item here

Beautiful temple outside of the market

Though I really wanted to take some of those delicious looking crabs home, I settled with these…

And of course we did not leave without a yummy sushi meal!! Next post!

House of Seafood @ Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore (CLOSED)

There is a new crab place opened near home recently. By its signage and photos on the wall, guess it should be a new branch of a popular restaurant in the area. We got the last table indoor and soon the tables outdoor were filled as well.


Beans fried with minced dried shrimps…kids loved this!

Butter prawn…I likes the sauce but prawns were not fresh enough.


Crab in broth (more like sauce)…but they forgot the meehoon…

With meehoon added, more like it but a bit messy…

The crab was okay but not the freshest kind and their price was comparable to those at east coast seafood center. But with the walking distance from home, wouldn’t mind going there again when I crave for crabs.

Red House @ East Coast Seafood Centre

We heard that Red House is quite good although it is not as popular among tourists as some other brands. Went to their outlet at East Coast with some friends last week. Unfortunately, it was during Chinese New Year and the menu was limited. But we still managed to ordered quite a bit.

The highlight was surely the pepper crab. I asked for a large crab when I made reservation. Fresh & meaty.


There were a few other dishes but by the time I remembered to take photos, we finished half the dish already.



Worth mentioning is that their crispy duck (香酥鴨) was very good as well. Too bad I forgot to take photo.