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Mr & Mrs Bund @ Shanghai, China

A very chic and spacious restaurant.  A mix of classic and creative French dishes.

IMG_1635 IMG_1630 Complimentary fish mousse with toasts – very tastyIMG_1629 Frog legs garlic parsleyIMG_1633 Beef tartare IMG_1634 Boston lobster in citrus jar – steamed in the jar with citrus, lemongrass and vanillaIMG_1638

Steamed to perfection – tender, juicy and flavorful IMG_1642 Dauphinois Serrano Truffle Brie – potato gratin, Serrano ham, truffle & brie cheeseIMG_1640 Tripes “Sauce Piquante” – slow braised beef tripes, a traditional French dishIMG_1636

Hearty portion of tripes – my favourite of cow innards… usually I get to have tripes at dim sum restaurants only, can’t resist when I saw it on the menu. 🙂

The highlight of the night was this incredible lemon – “Lemon & Lemon Tart”

IMG_1643 The inside of the lemon was filled with lemon sorbet, lemon curd and vanilla chantilly.  The lemon was candied and not bitter at all. IMG_1645

They have a very comprehensive food and drink menu, looking forward to our next visit to try more!

J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain @ Bangkok, Thailand

This is a new French restaurant located in a new hotel.  The place is not easy to find so best to go by taxi.

Very spacious restaurant with high ceiling.  I imagine it will be very comfortable during the day as well.

IMG_0666 IMG_0600 IMG_0603 IMG_0599 IMG_0604


There are two tasting menu, 6-course and 9-course and we went for the 9-course.


Very pretty cocktail – the middle was passion fruit ice cube.IMG_0615

IMG_0608 IMG_0609

The restaurant goes the Asian way for food sharing and they serve their dishes by placing them in the center turn table. I guess it would be more interesting if there are more people at the table.  And it soon became a bit of a nuisance when hot dishes came and the plates were hot.


Oyster – the most impressive part of this dish was actually the green leaf on the upper left side…it is called the “oyster leaf” and it actually tasted like oyster!!




Scallop – one of my favourite dish of the night

Fish –

Lobster – my other favourite of the night

Foie Gras
Pigeon – perfectly done

Dessert were a bit too sweet for my taste but nevertheless finished most of it

The restaurant kindly arranged a slice of cake and candle for my hubby.

Overall it was a very enjoyable meal.  Excellent ingredients and perfect cooking.  Cocktails were good.  Very value for money.  Highly recommended!