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London 2015 – Day 3

We had an easy morning, delicious breakfast at Karpo Restaurant in Megaro Hotel.  IMG_2660 IMG_2670

Then we went to try our luck at Buckingham Palace for the Change of Guards – arrived just when it started, didn’t see a thing….I guess people went there at least an hour earlier to get a good spot.  We were glad it wasn’t on the other day or it would be packed inside the Palace.IMG_2684

We walked from the Palace to Mayfair where we have booked afternoon tea at The Chesterfield Mayfair.   IMG_2689

Gorgeous neighbourhood, lots of expensive cars parked on the roadside.
IMG_2704 IMG_2705



Check out our afternoon tea at The Chesterfield Mayfair.

The rest of the day was mostly shopping.

Hamleys was very big, but too hot inside.  Our kids were hoping to get Top Trumps there but there weren’t a lot to choose from.

IMG_2729 Shopping at Carnaby Street was more fun. 🙂IMG_2734

After some brief shopping, we went back to the hotel to get ready for our big dinner at Le Gavroche.

London 2015 – Day 2

The first night went well, kids woke up in the middle of the night but managed to fall back to sleep after a while.  First stop of the day was Buckingham Palace.  Since there was no change of guards that day (on alternate days only), the area was not crowded at all.  We were disappointed (didn’t have the schedule at the time we booked the tickets) but it actually turned out to be an advantage.


As it wasn’t a crowded day, we got to tour the inside of the Palace comfortably.


We spent around two hours at the palace and by then it was about time to head to lunch at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental.


After another two hours of relaxing lunch, we headed west.IMG_2607

Strolled passed Harrods…would be nice to do some shopping but we have more important thing to do. 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Victoria & Albert Museum … not our destination…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And we finally arrived – Natural History Museum!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





There are so much to see in the museum and a lot of information to take in. We only managed to cover most of the exhibits on dinosaurs.  I would recommend to allocate a day or even two for the little ones to appreciate the exhibits at their own pace.

We ended the day with Italian food near the hotel.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, London

Special thanks to our friend who had been trying to sort out lunch arrangements with Dinner.  Due to the nature of our group (5 kids), the restaurant has arranged for us to dine at their private room (less hassle for everyone!).  Excellent in both food and service! Happy kids too!IMG_2608IMG_2610IMG_2612They have different set lunch menus – the ladies chose the 3-course while the gentlemen took the 4-course one.IMG_2615 First thing first – all kids had steak & fries.  Very tasty and cooked perfectly – crunchy on the outside and juicy inside.  I wouldn’t mind a portion for myself.IMG_2628 Savoury Porridge – frog’s legs, smoked beetroot, garlic, parsley & fennel. Nice juicy frog’s legs.IMG_2629

An orange!  IMG_2634 No, this is the famous “meat fruit”!! Made with mandarin and chicken liver parfait. IMG_2637 Rice & Flesh – saffron, calf tail & red wine.  It was good risotto but the “orange” took all the attention. 🙂IMG_2635

Roast Turbot with mussel & seaweed ketchup, salmon roe & sea rosemary – cooked perfectly, so good my daughter ate half of it (after her steak).  IMG_2641 Hereford Ribeye – good steak but I am afraid the one the kids had was even better.IMG_2639

Another of their famous dish – Tipsy cake – roast pineapple and sweet bread.  Very nice but a bit too filling for the end of the meal.IMG_2644

Gymkhana @ London

Our first Indian fine dining experience and with 5 jet-lagged kids!  It turned out to be a great meal and kids were happy.  The restaurant does not welcome kids after 8.30pm so we started early.  They put us in a quiet corner so we don’t need to worry about disturbing others.


Adults had the set menu while kids had a la carte.

IMG_2544 IMG_2545 Cocktails were good.IMG_2548 IMG_2537 IMG_2540Lobster Kempu & Prawns Pachadi

Fish Pepper Fry

Lucknow Scallops & Kadai CourgetteIMG_2546 Seafood BiryaniIMG_2551-2

Kid Goat Methi Keema IMG_2549

Wild Boar VindalooIMG_2552-2 Quail Seekh Kebab with Pickled Green Chilli ChutneyIMG_2550 IMG_2554

Strawberry RabriIMG_2562

London 2015 – Day 1

We arrived London in the morning, took Piccadilly line to go directly from Heathrow to St. Pancras, which took approx 1 hour.  It was a rather long ride, but was straightforward and cheap (£5 per adult).

Megaro Hotel is just a across the street from St. Pancras station.

IMG_2526 IMG_2527

We booked one of their 1-room apartment which is in a separate building 2 minutes walk from the hotel.  The building does not have elevator but hotel staff could help with the luggages.

IMG_2567 IMG_2570

After dropping off luggage at the hotel, we headed to Camden Town for the popular fish & chips at Poppies.


We didn’t spend much time exploring Camden Town, which is kind of like the “women’s street” in Hong Kong.  Instead we went to see Big Ben and surrounding area. We have pre-booked tickets to enter Westminster Abbey (on the selected day). Beautiful church and if I had to choose only 1 church to visit in London, this is it.Our last stop in the area was the London Eye, about 15mins walk from Westminster Abbey.  We have pre-booked tickets to go up at a particular time slot and yet we still had to queue for more than half an hour!  (There is a fast track option but we thought it is too expensive.)

View was nice and I imagine it would be even nicer at night but going up once is enough and I wouldn’t recommend it if time is tight either.

On our way back to the tube station to get to our dinner place (more on that in the next post), view of Big Ben is better from this direction.