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Batter Fluffy Flaps @ East Coast Road, Singapore

We were always hesitant to try this place for dinner as it looks too much like a dessert place.  But since it is my boy’s birthday and he loves dessert, we decided to try.

Well, the results…the kids were happy (according to my boy, he has never felt so full before!) and we believe we will come back again.

Teriyaki chicken wrap (with pancake) – yummy chicken, good portion size

Pancake burger with egg and cheese

Spaghetti with prawns in spicy sauce…yummy (yes, there are non-pancake dishes on the menu too)

Highlight of the meal – Oreo pancake + chocolate chips ice-cream + crushed oreo….I only got to have 1/3 of these, my boy insisted on finishing all the rest. :pIMG_0411

Mis en Place @ East Coast Road, Singapore

A small restaurant near home….we have been there twice…food is a very nicely done but unfortunately their kitchen cannot handle the volume of customers.IMG_5940

IMG_5740 IMG_5743 IMG_5810 IMG_5742


[Update on March 24, 2014] We went again last night and were lucky to be the first table so the wait was manageable.  IMG_5935 IMG_5936 IMG_5937 IMG_5939

Group Therapy @ Katong V, Singapore

So glad Group Therapy opened a branch near home and within walking distance…a place where I can get my coffee fix and feed my kids.DM5 001 DM5 003DM5 003 DM5 004DM5 007DM5 008IMG_5586IMG_5588IMG_5534

Rabbit Carrot Gun @ East Coast Road, Singapore

Another brunch place conveniently located near home…
They don’t have a lot of options on their brunch menu but since we usually order the same few dishes so it was fine..





We were sitting outdoor so I ordered ice coffee instead of hot so couldn’t tell much about their coffee. But all dishes were good overall, definitely will come back again.