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Le Gavroche @ London

Classic French fine dining yet kids are allowed.  Very glad we came here cause most of the fine dining French restaurants I wanted to go to in Paris were closed during the time we went there.  Dining area is some what crowded and dark (for photos) but food was excellent.

IMG_2737 IMG_2785 IMG_2745 IMG_2746 IMG_2748 IMG_2757 frogs legs in a pea veloutéIMG_2763

Braised and smoked pork cheek & crispy belly ravioli
IMG_2764 DuckIMG_2765

Carpaccio of marinated and seared fillet of beefIMG_2766 Whole lobsterIMG_2772 IMG_2773

Roast scallop – huge, fresh & perfectly cookedIMG_2774

Nice petite four, sorbet were even better, we had blood orange and pineapple.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, London

Special thanks to our friend who had been trying to sort out lunch arrangements with Dinner.  Due to the nature of our group (5 kids), the restaurant has arranged for us to dine at their private room (less hassle for everyone!).  Excellent in both food and service! Happy kids too!IMG_2608IMG_2610IMG_2612They have different set lunch menus – the ladies chose the 3-course while the gentlemen took the 4-course one.IMG_2615 First thing first – all kids had steak & fries.  Very tasty and cooked perfectly – crunchy on the outside and juicy inside.  I wouldn’t mind a portion for myself.IMG_2628 Savoury Porridge – frog’s legs, smoked beetroot, garlic, parsley & fennel. Nice juicy frog’s legs.IMG_2629

An orange!  IMG_2634 No, this is the famous “meat fruit”!! Made with mandarin and chicken liver parfait. IMG_2637 Rice & Flesh – saffron, calf tail & red wine.  It was good risotto but the “orange” took all the attention. 🙂IMG_2635

Roast Turbot with mussel & seaweed ketchup, salmon roe & sea rosemary – cooked perfectly, so good my daughter ate half of it (after her steak).  IMG_2641 Hereford Ribeye – good steak but I am afraid the one the kids had was even better.IMG_2639

Another of their famous dish – Tipsy cake – roast pineapple and sweet bread.  Very nice but a bit too filling for the end of the meal.IMG_2644

Gymkhana @ London

Our first Indian fine dining experience and with 5 jet-lagged kids!  It turned out to be a great meal and kids were happy.  The restaurant does not welcome kids after 8.30pm so we started early.  They put us in a quiet corner so we don’t need to worry about disturbing others.


Adults had the set menu while kids had a la carte.

IMG_2544 IMG_2545 Cocktails were good.IMG_2548 IMG_2537 IMG_2540Lobster Kempu & Prawns Pachadi

Fish Pepper Fry

Lucknow Scallops & Kadai CourgetteIMG_2546 Seafood BiryaniIMG_2551-2

Kid Goat Methi Keema IMG_2549

Wild Boar VindalooIMG_2552-2 Quail Seekh Kebab with Pickled Green Chilli ChutneyIMG_2550 IMG_2554

Strawberry RabriIMG_2562

J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain @ Bangkok, Thailand

This is a new French restaurant located in a new hotel.  The place is not easy to find so best to go by taxi.

Very spacious restaurant with high ceiling.  I imagine it will be very comfortable during the day as well.

IMG_0666 IMG_0600 IMG_0603 IMG_0599 IMG_0604


There are two tasting menu, 6-course and 9-course and we went for the 9-course.


Very pretty cocktail – the middle was passion fruit ice cube.IMG_0615

IMG_0608 IMG_0609

The restaurant goes the Asian way for food sharing and they serve their dishes by placing them in the center turn table. I guess it would be more interesting if there are more people at the table.  And it soon became a bit of a nuisance when hot dishes came and the plates were hot.


Oyster – the most impressive part of this dish was actually the green leaf on the upper left side…it is called the “oyster leaf” and it actually tasted like oyster!!




Scallop – one of my favourite dish of the night

Fish –

Lobster – my other favourite of the night

Foie Gras
Pigeon – perfectly done

Dessert were a bit too sweet for my taste but nevertheless finished most of it

The restaurant kindly arranged a slice of cake and candle for my hubby.

Overall it was a very enjoyable meal.  Excellent ingredients and perfect cooking.  Cocktails were good.  Very value for money.  Highly recommended!

8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana @ Central, Hong Kong

Hubby and I have finally stayed in HK together long enough to find time to try out Otto e Mezzo.  Even though it was a Tue night and I called a few days earlier to book, I could only get the lounge area.  The lounge area is next to the bar, a more causal setting but it has proper tables and chairs so it was not a problem after all.

We chose the degustation menu which was not too big and reasonably priced for a Michelin restaurant.


Complimentary starter


King crab & caviar….very fresh king crab, one of my favourite crab and favourite way of cooking.


Perfectly cooked lobster. Had to eat the sea urchin separately as the lobster had much stronger taste.


Veal shank agnolotti


Beautiful baby lamb…according to hubby, it was good but the beef was even better 🙂


Tender juicy sirloin and beef cheek….wished the portion was bigger :p


My choice of dessert, very refreshing, very pleased with it.


Ricotta tart and ice-cream were tasty too.


Ended the meal with petite 3 and coffee.

IMG_0022  IMG_0025

An great meal overall – excellent ingredients and perfect cooking.  The only trouble was food serving was very rush and we had to ask them to slow down.