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Cheng Long Hang 成隆行蟹王府 @ Shanghai, China

Even though it was not crab season during our visit, we still could not resist looking for crab dishes.  One can tell from the name of the restaurant that it specialises in crabs.

Old fashioned Chinese deco, even have live Chinese music.


Since crabs are not in season, we didn’t bother to order whole crabs and instead aim for other interesting crab dishes.

Crab Meat & Roe Jelly – flavour was not strong


Chilled Crab Roe Cake – it was pretty but the flavour didn’t really come outIMG_1753

Crab Roe & Meat – we moved on to the real stuff…tasty!  the black pearls on the side were actually vinegar to be eaten with the crab

IMG_1741 Soft Crab Roe with Vermicelli Sheet (蟹膏银皮) – simply divine! the male crab roe was rich, chewy and full of flavor!IMG_1742

Xiao Long Bao with Crab Roe – very juicy!IMG_1744 And the skin was so thin!IMG_1751 IMG_1746 Somehow I wanted to have scallops that night – generous portion, cooked well.
IMG_1756Glutinous Rice Dumplings in Osmanthus & Fermented Rice Wine – perfect ending of the night.

This restaurant has a few branches.  Reservations is recommended.

I would definitely come again when I crave for crab roe dishes next time.

Kani Douraku かに道楽, Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan

We made reservation at Kani Douraku かに道楽 道頓堀中店 the night before and we were 30mins late as we went to Osaka Castle prior.  We were so glad that they were still keeping the room (yes, we got a room!) though I didn’t call them about the delay.

They have some lunch sets which are around half the price of their dinner menu.  And to my surprise they also have kids meal!

IMG_9330 IMG_9329

There is crab hot pot rice in the set but since it needs 40mins to cook and we have a plane to catch, so we switched to crab sushi instead.

Fancy kids meal! Steamed egg with crab meat, crab sushi roll, crab leg salad and crab croquette.IMG_9333

Lunch sets – crab leg sashimi, steamed crab leg, crab dumpling.
IMG_9332 Crab meat gratin, grilled crab legsIMG_9338 Crab sushi, crab leg tempuraIMG_9339

Vanilla ice-cream topped with mocha IMG_9340

五福北京城 Restaurant Pekin Sutera @ Johor, Malaysia

We have been in Malaysia and Singapore all these years, have heard about this famous fish but yet to try it.  Thanks to hubby’s colleague for organising this dinner, we finally tried the famous Empurau 忘不了 and a popular restaurant in Johor.IMG_6263 IMG_6277 IMG_6265 IMG_6271

The fish was approx. 2kg which is considered small.  This was before soya sauce was added.IMG_6274 Crab with vermicelli IMG_6275 Crab with dried shrimps and chilliIMG_6278 IMG_6266 IMG_6270 IMG_6269 IMG_6267 Deep fried Empurau scalesIMG_6283 Rice with Chinese sausages and baby abalones IMG_6281

Xu Jun Sheng (Long Ji) 许俊盛(隆记) @ Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

Heard about this famous teochew restaurant for some time and happened to be in the area today. (it is close to home but we have been too lazy to go there by foot and didn’t bother to do multiple bus change.)

It was late lunch hour so some of the dishes were already sold out.


Braised meat platter IMG_5748

Stirred fry kang kong with fermented beancurd IMG_5747

Fried egg with silver fishIMG_5746

Chilled crab!!  Crab was very fresh, crab roe was delicious and for just $22!  I would prefer this over pepper crabs! IMG_5751


Dishes on our 2nd visit:


IMG_5759 IMG_5763 IMG_5764 IMG_5765

Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

We didn’t come here for the trading excitement … Not many many years back, not this time too.

We arrived before 11am, the market seemed quiet from the outside but my goodness, I didn’t remember the queuing was so intense…queues outside of the shops and queues (very organized) around the block as well

The dry market was also fun…

Japanese style omelette is another popular item here

Beautiful temple outside of the market

Though I really wanted to take some of those delicious looking crabs home, I settled with these…

And of course we did not leave without a yummy sushi meal!! Next post!