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Taipei, Oct 2015 – more food

One of the things we enjoy doing in Taipei is to walk around in the local neighbourhood and look for local food.  Egg pancakes are one of our favourites.

One on of the days, we took Maokong Cable Car for a short visit to Maokong and then went to the zoo next to the cable car station.

img_5118 img_5117 img_5119

Tofu with crab roe

Tea infused drunken chicken  


Ice-cream pancake with peanuts and coconuts.


On our last day, we went to Songshan Cultural and Creative Park 松山文創園區.  We spent the whole day there and wasn’t quite enough.  There are a lot to explore, experience and eat.

Very nice coffee originating from Taiwan Alisan.

We managed to booked the glass making workshop for the kids on the same day.   It was great fun!




Taipei Oct 2015 – Food

It was a short yet relaxing trip to Taipei. Since we did most major tourist spots in our previous trip, this trip was all about chilling.

We happened to have booked a hotel near Dihua Street, a local wholesale and trading district with a mix of local art and culture.


We also had easy access to local food as well as cafes.


And finally tried out the famous Coffee Alley.


We had two dinners at 永康街.


Very good food at 度小月.


Wright Brothers @ Kingly Court, London

Our last meal in London – very satisfying and very value for money!IMG_3456 IMG_3442 IMG_3443 IMG_3445 IMG_3459 IMG_3460 These prawns were so good we had a second helping but I still didn’t get to eat.IMG_3462

Fresh & tasty seafood platter.  Quite a big portion for two.IMG_3461 IMG_3463 IMG_3465 IMG_3466 Not the best kind of lava cake and we were too full.IMG_3467 This was really good and refreshing, and with alcohol.IMG_3471

Note: Kingly Court has many restaurants and bars, great ambience, worth checking this place out.IMG_3455 IMG_3450

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London 2015 – Day 6 & 7

After Stonehenge, we went back to London and stayed at Hotel Megaro again.  The next day we had a delicious and hearty breakfast at The Riding House Cafe near Oxford Circus, thanks to recommendation by a dear friend from Malaysia who happened to be visiting London at the time.IMG_3340IMG_3341IMG_3346IMG_3348

We then spent the afternoon at Warner Bros. Studio Tour – the Making of Harry Potter.  It was well worth the trip.   We spent over 3 hours there without knowing.  So cool to see all the real props and sets from the movies.  We appreciate the movies even more now that we know how much effort and time were invested into making them.  It was truly amazing.  My favorite part of the tour was the Hogwarts castle model, impressive craftsmanship.

On our final day, last but not least, the British Museum.  We spent the morning there, a bit rush but managed to check out most of the major artefacts. For the rest of the afternoon, it was just easy shopping around Oxford Circus and Carnaby Street, and later wandered into Kingly Court and had a satisfying wrap up dinner at Wright Brothers.



Windsor – Bath – Stonehenge 2015 – Day 2 P.M.

This got to be the highlight of our trip for me.  I even thought about doing the private tour to get into the circle but decided against it.  We couldn’t arrive that early before they open and after hours is also too late for driving back to London.

For regular visits, this is as close to the circle as you can get which I think is great:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The circle and stones are much smaller than I had imagined.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA