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Tapas @ Barcelona, Spain

This one is a chain tapas restaurant, good food and convenient…IMG_6932IMG_6924 IMG_6925 IMG_6926 IMG_6927 IMG_6928 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_6929



Another one near the Picasso Museum – Taller de Tapas…IMG_6990 IMG_6991 IMG_6992 IMG_6993 IMG_6994 IMG_6995 IMG_6996

Alkimia Restaurant, Barcelona

This is probably my most favourite fining meal of this trip.  All the meals we had were great but this was most suited to my taste.

The restaurant is located on a more local street so best to go by taxi.

IMG_6944 The interior is very simple.IMG_6948 IMG_6947

I like how they use veggie instead of flowers to decorate the tables.IMG_6956

We chose the “Traditions Menu” on their Midday Menu which is a really good deal considering the quality we got.IMG_6949This is fun – the liquid version their popular bread with olive oil and tomato sauce.
IMG_6951 IMG_6953 IMG_6955
IMG_6959 Cod fish with green beansIMG_6962 Blue bouillabaisseIMG_6964 Leek pieIMG_6967 IMG_6968 IMG_6969 IMG_6975 IMG_6977 IMG_6981

Papillote banana with coffee ice-cream

IMG_6983 IMG_6987 IMG_6986

Restaurant Lasarte by Martín Berasategui, Barcelona

Our first fine dining in Barcelona … our reservation was 8.30pm, for us it is already quite late but apparently people still walked in passed 10pm!  We chose the tasting menu and it took approx 3 hours.IMG_6855 IMG_6856 IMG_6864Butter in various flavours 
IMG_6868 IMG_6869 3 dishes of appetizers  IMG_6862IMG_6870 IMG_6871

Starting our 1st course…IMG_6873 IMG_6875 IMG_6876 IMG_6877 IMG_6879 IMG_6881 IMG_6883 IMG_6886 IMG_6887 IMG_6889 IMG_6890 IMG_6893 Here is the menu we had…IMG_6861


All dishes were perfectly cooked and beautifully presented.  Overall the tasting menu portion was a bit too much for me but I managed to try everything.  Flavours are strong but mostly in the garnish so the freshness of the meat or seafood was not compromised.  Service was good too, very attentive yet not overdoing it.


Lunch @ Mercat La Boqueria, Barcelona

We went back to Mercat La Boqueria for lunch…the store we wanted to go to was really busy, we had to queue for about 20mins.IMG_6840 IMG_6842 IMG_6844They have a wide selection of fish, prawns, shellfish, etc.  Their grilled seafood platter is very popular but the portion is too big for us so instead we chose two seafood and grilled mix veggie…Everything were delicious and fresh.IMG_6847IMG_0690




Can Majo, Barcelona

Our first day ended with a delicious dinner at Can Majo, located next to the beach at La Barceloneta.  It was not full the day we went but reservation is recommended.  Also they don’t open early for dinner service.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey also have an outdoor area but it was a bit chilly for us.  Inside of the restaurant was lovely too.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bread with tomato and olive oil (it is more like bread crust)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Very fresh oystersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrilled razor claims, perfectly done – fresh, soft, juicy

First time seeing these at a restaurant – Barnacles.  So fresh & sweet that they were just steamed.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This was a 2-person portion, didn’t realise it would be so big.  We weren’t able to finish all BUT it was the best paella I ever had! So good that we didn’t bother to try paella elsewhere.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA