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You want to be boy or girl

Felix: Chloe, do you want to be a boy so you don’t need to cover your hair when you go to the mosque?

Chloe: yeah…maybe I can be half boy and half girl…

Mommy’s schedule

[the kids were asking how mommy feel today cos she was not feeling well yesterday…]

Felix: mommy, are you still sick?

Mom: no, I am okay.

Chloe: no, she said she is okay but she doesn’t look okay. She looks sleepy.

You know, mommy, I will give you a change – you know you sleep late because you have a lot of work to do. You can sleep early and wake up at 7am or 8am, then you have a few hours to do you other job. And then you sleep early at night.

Mom: okay, I will try that.

Chloe: why don’t you try tomorrow, I will remind you.

Mom: okay………

Mommy’s job

[while mammy was trying to fix the laptop…]

Chloe: You know, mammy can fix the computer because she is a computer manager. Right, mammy?

Felix: No! She is just a mom!

Chloe: she can be both a mom and a computer manager.

Felix: Nooo, she is just a mom.


[we were having steam fish for dinner, whole fish, not fillet…as I turned over the fish to take out meat for the kids…]

Oh, the fish is dead!

And our tummy is their heaven!?

[mommy was in a bit of shock, didn’t realize the kid doesn’t link up the meat and the death of the creative where the meat came from]

Ah…yes, we killed the fish before we cook them.

Why? God will not be happy…

Yes, but if we want to eat fish, we need to catch them and then kill them to eat, like the other animals.

Why we need to kill them first?

Hmmm… So they don’t feel the pain when we cook them.

[bad reasoning but…]


[2 days ago when we passed by an ice-cream booth]

Mami, I am hot. I want to have ice-cream to cool me down.

[tonight while he was actually having ice-cream..not to mention it only took him 2 secs to jump from sleeping mode to eat ice-cream mode]

Mami, when I had dinner, the rice was very hot, so I need ice-cream to cool me down.

[And by the way, Chloe’s comment…]

Brr…I don’t like it, it has cream!

[Poor girl, she can handle gelato but not typical ice-cream]