Clash of Clans – Hog Rider Fondant Cake

I made this cake the day before my son’s birthday.  It was a long process but there was a lot of waiting time in between steps.

I first started to prepare chocolate ganache for cake frosting.  Used 500g semi-sweet chocolate chips and 250g thickened cream.  (don’t know why the baking chocolate bar are more expensive than chocolate chips)

This is how it looked after sitting in room temperature for a few hours.IMG_0302


I took a small amount out, approx 50g and mixed with more thicken cream for making whipped frosting.





While waiting for the chocolate to set, I baked a 9-inch red velvet cake, separated in two pans. 

I used whipped ganache as frosting between the two layers of cake and then apply layers of chocolate ganache over the stacked cake.  I had to repeatedly frost and then put cake into the fridge to harden.    

Then I covered the cake with fondant.  This was ready-colored green fondant.  It is more expensive than plain white fondant but I am very glad I used this as it will take a long time to work on mixing color into white fondant and get to this depth of color. 

Next was the main character – Hog Rider.  I had lots of help from our helper.    

Here is the final product.  

I didn’t realise the middle portion of the green fondant was so thick.  Something I need to pay attention to next time.    

Could hardly see the frosting in between the cake layers.  Should prepare more next time.  

I am glad to report that we finished the cake within two days.

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