Platypus Lobster Shack @ CBD Singapore 

This place is one of the busier spot in the area so we decided to give it a try for dinner. 
It was really nice and comfortable sitting outdoor in the evening, without the hustle of the day.  

Urchin & Lobster Bisque – could not really taste urchin but there is a nice portion of meat.

The traditional lobster roll with side said and truffled chips – generous portion of filling, lobster + tomato was quite refreshing.

Spicy roasted garlic lobster roll – spicy but not too much but garlic was a bit too strong.

2/3 Dolci @ Lee Gardens Two, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

A small cafe on the 1st floor of Lee Gardens Two – only about 15 seats. Excellent place for a shopping tea break. They serve light salad and sandwiches, gelato, cakes, tea and coffee. Their coffee was good but I like the tea better. Very pretty cake and the ones we tried were not too sweet. We had guava gelato sundae and it was heavenly. 


Guava gelato, guava jelly, guava fruit, meringue …. 
Mango dome cake  
Pear mousse cake