Macarons #3

Here are what happened on the 3rd try:

1. didn’t grind the almond meal (didn’t seem to make much difference last time I did it) but did sift before weighting

2. beat the egg white longer than before.  didn’t look very stiff or stiff enough.  (maybe i should test out just the beating next time)

3. for the 2nd tray of cookies, i squeezed the batter out with the tip closer to the mat.

4. baked at 135C at first but seems not cooked still after 15mins so turned back to 140C.  still took some time for the bottom to be cooked.

5. for the first batch, i put another tray above it hoping to block out some heat so the top won’t overcook.  but the heat flow somehow made the cookies go out of shape.  so for second batch I only put in the extra tray on top after 10mins or so.

6. the 1st batch turned out to look okay but cookies from the 2nd batch were mostly hollow.

IMG_0859 IMG_0860 IMG_0866 IMG_0868

Palm Beach Seafood 棕櫚灘海鮮 @ One Fullerton, Singapore

We usually avoid restaurants at main attraction points but we have been told that this place is good though price on the higher end.  It turned out that food was good, location excellent – this will be one of the place we can take visitors to.

Deep fried yo tau with fish paste – almost all seafood restaurants have this dish but in my opinion, this was the best out of all the ones I have had.


Kai-lan in dual styles – haven’t had this for a long long time – nicely done.IMG_0620

Braised port loins with buns – tasty!


Black pepper crab & chilli crab – crabs were very fresh and sauce not too hot IMG_0623 IMG_0624

Macarons #2

It has been a long long time since I last tried to make macarons … thought about it many time and finally pulled myself together to give it another try.

Once again I turned to Not So Humble Pie for help on the cookies and the filling – lemon mascarpone cheese.

The batter looked a bit thin to me, I suspect my egg white was under beaten. I left them to sit for an hour before baking.


These were from two batches of baking.  The top batch was left to cook a bit longer than 25mins and turned brown.  The top of the cookies looked much much better than my first try.


The bottoms looked a bit under cooked even though they were all in the oven for over 20mins


Made lemon with the leftover egg yolk.

IMG_0796 IMG_0797


IMG_0799 IMG_0802 IMG_0806

They looked and tasted good when freshly made but some how after keeping in the fridge for a day, it turned soft.  Not sure if it is because of the filling…