Asiatique @ Bangkok, Thailand

Getting to Asiatique from Anantara is just a 10-min boat ride.  This turned out to be very convenient for our stay.  Lots of restaurant options and numerous small shops selling every kind of products.

Weather was great during our stay so it was lovely spending the evening there.  
IMG_0152 IMG_0149 IMG_0148








We ate one of the Chinese seafood restaurant.  It was a good meal.  There are of course cheaper options but it was more relaxing here.2015/01/img_0707.jpg


Raw shrimps in spicy sauce – delicious!IMG_0154 Ton Yam Soup – it was too hot for me. IMG_0157Squid with salted egg yolk
IMG_0158 Grilled Prawns – I prefer the raw versionIMG_0160 Curry Crab – Yummy!IMG_0161Omelette for kids
IMG_0159 IMG_0155

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