Kani Douraku かに道楽, Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan

We made reservation at Kani Douraku かに道楽 道頓堀中店 the night before and we were 30mins late as we went to Osaka Castle prior.  We were so glad that they were still keeping the room (yes, we got a room!) though I didn’t call them about the delay.

They have some lunch sets which are around half the price of their dinner menu.  And to my surprise they also have kids meal!

IMG_9330 IMG_9329

There is crab hot pot rice in the set but since it needs 40mins to cook and we have a plane to catch, so we switched to crab sushi instead.

Fancy kids meal! Steamed egg with crab meat, crab sushi roll, crab leg salad and crab croquette.IMG_9333

Lunch sets – crab leg sashimi, steamed crab leg, crab dumpling.
IMG_9332 Crab meat gratin, grilled crab legsIMG_9338 Crab sushi, crab leg tempuraIMG_9339

Vanilla ice-cream topped with mocha IMG_9340

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