db bistro moderne @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

We came on a public holiday but half of the restaurant was filled with people in business attire.  Guess this must be a popular business lunch spot.  They offer 2-course/3-course lunch but we opted for a la carte.

IMG_6348 IMG_6349 IMG_6350 IMG_6351Tomato pasta – from the kids menu
IMG_6352 Steak – from the kids menuIMG_6354Seafood platter – “petit” size!
IMG_6356 Tuna confitIMG_6357the Original db Burger IMG_6359 with short ribs & foie gras inside!IMG_6367 Lychee & blueberry Vacherin – blueberry meringues, marshmallows, lychee & blueberry sorbet, blueberry puree…my favourite of the day!


Durian Souffle with Mangosteen Sorbet – rich durian flavor! IMG_6374 IMG_6379

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