Minion Cupcakes

The annual birthday cake making routine does not just end with the party cake…there is also the cupcake sharing at school on the actual birthday.  So here we were, round 2 of Minion baking…


IMG_6483 IMG_6487 IMG_6512

Minion Fondant Cake


After much deliberation with my son, we have settled on doing a minion cake for his birthday.  It wasn’t a difficult cake to make but I always have trouble with covering a whole cake with fondant.

IMG_6461 IMG_6463

With the lack of practice and trials, the fondant layer turned out to be too thick (as I worried).  IMG_6464



Fukuichi @ TripleOne Somerset, Singapore

This restaurant has a good selection of sushi and rolls.  Sushi were not cheap but were very fresh.  It would be one of the place we go to when we crave for sushi. IMG_6388 Kids favourites…IMG_6384 Cod fish roeIMG_6385 I have started to enjoy aburi sushi…aburi toro was delicious.  Uni was also very fresh.IMG_6383 The portion of their rolls is quite bigIMG_6386 IMG_6387 Grilled egg plant with miso sauceIMG_6381

db bistro moderne @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

We came on a public holiday but half of the restaurant was filled with people in business attire.  Guess this must be a popular business lunch spot.  They offer 2-course/3-course lunch but we opted for a la carte.

IMG_6348 IMG_6349 IMG_6350 IMG_6351Tomato pasta – from the kids menu
IMG_6352 Steak – from the kids menuIMG_6354Seafood platter – “petit” size!
IMG_6356 Tuna confitIMG_6357the Original db Burger IMG_6359 with short ribs & foie gras inside!IMG_6367 Lychee & blueberry Vacherin – blueberry meringues, marshmallows, lychee & blueberry sorbet, blueberry puree…my favourite of the day!


Durian Souffle with Mangosteen Sorbet – rich durian flavor! IMG_6374 IMG_6379

The Disgruntled Chef @ Dempsey Hill, Singapore (2)

Since we last came for lunch, we have been thinking of returning for dinner.  We finally went again on Mother’s Day for dinner.  IMG_6315 IMG_6322 Deep fried fish skin & chips – the fish skin was thinner and more crispy then the ones we had in HK.IMG_6316 Roasted Sea ScallopsIMG_6317 Baby Spinach SaladIMG_6319 Steak TartareIMG_6320 Crayfish Macaroni & Cheese – it was delicious yet not too heavyIMG_6330 Grilled King PrawnsIMG_6331 Roasted Stuffed Chicken – we tried a similar lunch version previously and was done better than this.IMG_6333 Squid ink noodle with seafood – it was a bit dryIMG_6336 Deconstructed cheesecake with berries IMG_6340 Lemon tartIMG_6343


Overall it was an enjoyable meal but our lunch experience was much better and we had high expectations.  We may still come back and give their weekend brunch a try.