Siem Reap, March 2014 – Heritage Restaurant

Heritage Restaurant at Heritage Suites Hotel

We had their Signature 5-course menu with option of wine pairing.




IMG_6042 IMG_6047 IMG_6046IMG_6051
Complimentary starter
MAGURO TUNA TARTAR – Mango and pineapple relish, balsamic reductionIMG_6061 FOIE GRAS “CAMBODIAN STYLE” – Khmer curry sauce, deep fried spring rollsIMG_6064 GRILLED MEKONG LOBSTER – Garlic and basil butter, melted ratatouilleIMG_6067 GIN & TONIC GRANITÉIMG_6068 AUSTRALIAN BEEF TENDERLOIN – Béarnaise sauce, green beans, potato tuile and local mushroomIMG_6072 KAFFIR LIME MOUSSE – Lemon zest, red berries coulisIMG_6074 Rice Wine in glass – lemon & lemon grassIMG_6073Rice Wine in shooter – orange & chilli pepperIMG_6055


For the kids…


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