Meyer Lemon Cake

I came across this Meyer Lemon Cake recipe on the web some days ago and guess what … I saw these very cute Meyer Lemons at the supermarket last weekend…I never noticed them before, couldn’t resist to buy them.IMG_6224


I love the resulting texture and softness of the cake.  But the taste is a bit funny.  I don’t know if it was something I did wrong or it is the way these lemons are like.

Wahiro @ East Coast, Singapore

A small Japanese restaurant in the neighbourhood, usually packed on the weekend and best to make reservation.IMG_6231 IMG_6232 IMG_6233 IMG_6234 IMG_6237 IMG_6238 IMG_6241 IMG_6244IMG_6242IMG_6240IMG_6239IMG_6236


[update on May 17, 2014 – add more photos from subsequent visits]

IMG_6291 IMG_6295 IMG_6294

Social Square @ Parkway Parade, Singapore

This new restaurant as Parkway Parade has a wide selection of Western and Japanese dishes.  Placing order with iPad was cool but it actually took longer than the traditional way.

IMG_6203 IMG_6202 IMG_6201 IMG_6198 IMG_6199 IMG_6200 IMG_6197

Food For Thought @ National Museum, Singapore

Situated at an open corner inside the National Museum, very high ceiling, lots of day light and air conditioned.

All day breakfast and mains were fine but we didn’t like their cakes.IMG_6172 IMG_6171 IMG_6170 IMG_6174 IMG_6175IMG_6177IMG_6178IMG_6181

“Full of Egg” Sponge Cake

Our little boy was sick and had a rough night so we stayed home on Good Friday and had plenty of time to make sponge cake. I followed the on recipe from Christine’s Recipes, which was adapted from a popular sponge cake in HK.  I didn’t have the traditional cake mould so I just made them in cupcake size.

IMG_6188The delicious smell of the cake will tell you when it is done. 
They looked great the second they got out of the oven.IMG_6196After a few more seconds, the top sank in a little.IMG_6190The cake turned out to be soft, fluffy and very rich in egg. Could easily finish up a few at a time!