Dot Cod Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar @ Central, Hong Kong

Wasn’t easy to spot out the restaurant if you weren’t looking for it…located in the basement and entrance at the outside of Prince Building.  Very helpful & friendly staff and most important of all, very fresh seafood & generous portion at a reasonable price.

IMG_5214 IMG_5215

They don’t have kids menu but my kids were happy with their pasta IMG_5216


Don’t have a wide selection of oyster but nevertheless very fresh


Scallop with Ice Lettuce … first time having ice lettuce, very crunchy!  IMG_5220

We were going to order two lobster bisque but their staff suggested we share and she was right, portion was big enough for sharing and we already ordered too much.


This was my favorite of the night…haven’t had these for ages


We were full by the time this came and we didn’t like cooking with cream sauce (forgot to ask before ordering) but mussels were fresh and just cooked.


The best part of this dessert was the candied apple…but I only got to have one bite of it.


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