Joël Robuchon Restaurant @ Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

Big thanks to hubby for taking me to this very fine restaurant as my birthday treat….

This is the kind of place we would likely patron once (very high price tag) so we decided to make the best of it and went with the degustation menu!  It was a 13-course menu but more like 15 and portion was not small considering the number of courses.




Wide selection of bread and I ate too much of them….20131005-124047.jpg

Corn mousse with foie gras shaving and parmesan20131005-124103.jpg

Caviar with crab meat 20131005-124113.jpg

Pan-friend scallop with caviar….and unfortunately, for us, when topped with shallot and ginger, we can only relate to steam chicken.


Roasted frog legs20131005-124137.jpg

Semi-soft boiled egg on spinach puree and cheese sauce20131005-124454.jpg

This was considered ONE course….20131005-124502.jpg

King crab with green curry sauce20131005-124528.jpg

Lobster in seafood bouillon20131005-124539.jpg


Chestnut with onion mousse20131005-124613.jpg

Grilled Hamachi20131005-124630.jpg

Caramelized Iberico pork20131005-124643.jpg

Broccolini and bean sprouts20131005-124652.jpg

Lemon, honey jelly and yoghurt with yuzu20131005-124700.jpg

Pear confit with dark chocolate


Mango ice-cream cake on the house20131005-124723.jpg


The amazing sweets trolley!!!20131005-124741.jpg

My petit four selection….too full, couldn’t try more…20131005-124749.jpg

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