Aglio Olio with Prawns

Tried making aglio olio with prawn stock, unfortunately I didn’t use enough prawns or I didn’t boil the stock long enough, not much prawn stock flavor in the spaghetti. But it was tasty anyway.
Soaking the prawns in iced salty water seemed to do the trick and produce a “crunchy” texture.


All spaghetti now gone into kids lunch box.

Creme Brûlée – cont’d

Okay, finally eat the creme brûlée I made the other day. The center is not well set and it is a bit too sweet for me. Gotta practice again soon.

What I used:
3 egg folks – 2 large, 1 small (don’t know what happened to my eggs, they were supposed to be large)
115ml thicken cream
75ml milk
28g sugar
140C no fan
40mins baking


Almond Soup Dessert

Tried making “almond tea” (杏仁茶) with recipe from mom – need to pre-boil longer, thinner consistency, grind more and get better quality almond.