A mean child

[After dinner, F had a sugar cookie & C chose cupcake]

C: mommy, can I have one more cupcake?
M: sure!

[seconds later]

F: No fair!!
M: What’s not fair?
F: How come I don’t get a 2nd cookie?
M: How come you didn’t ask me?
F: …I don’t know
M: C asked me for more. You just have to ask……..So do you want another one?
F: No.
M: Do you want another suger cookie?
F: No.
M: Then why do you say it is not fair? You don’t even want another cookie!
F: …I don’t know
M: If you don’t want one then why is it unfair?
F: …I don’t know…………….cos C got a 2nd one…………………..

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