My ears

[during breakfast….]

Mammi: Felix, don’t sing when your
mouth is full

[singing stopped for a little bit and start again]

Mammi: Felix, finish the food in your mouth first

Felix: mammi, I left my ears in Malaysia

Mammi: then go stand by the door and wait
for them to come back


Mammi: are they back yet?

Felix: almost…..

[silence for a few more seconds]

Mammi: are they back yet?

Felix: yeah….

[later at night…]

Mammi: are your ears
still here?

Felix: yes, but they will go back to Malaysia at night


Bad manners

Felix: mammi, Chloe didn’t play with me today [at

Mammi: oh, you could ask Chloe if she could play with

Chloe: I played with Felix a little bit and then I made a new

Felix: yeah, I want to play fighting

Mammi: if you play
rough, no one will want to play with you

[after about a minute or

Felix: mammi, when I say Chloe didn’t play with me, I
thought you will say that’s bad manner!

Mammi: oh….hmmm….right…Chloe should look after you when you play