Mother’s day card

“Felix, would you like to do a mother’s day card for grandma?”


[after a series of cutting, pasting and scribbling …]

“I want to make cards for my teachers.  you know, my teacher, ms. Jaswant has a baby so she is a mother. “

[more cutting, pasting and scribbling…]

“mami, look!  i cut out a knife!” [from some color paper]

“oh…what do you need the knife for?!”

“chop chop chop…cut chicken!”

“…ok…why not doing something like flowers?”

“no, i already did that at school today for you.”

“oh, thanks”


[some more cutting, pasting and scribbling…]

“ok, mami, I am done. I want to make one for ms. Emma now. “

“ok, but I don’t think ms. Emma has any children.”

“yes, she does, she teaches children!”



[a day has passed, Felix is still making cards for his teachers]

“mami, is great grandma a mother?”

“yes, she is.”

“then we should make a card for her!”

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