Drive fast

“mammi, you drive slow, daddy drives fast.” “why do adults drive?”

“so we can get to places easily”

“when I grow bigger and bigger, I will drive very fast.”

“you don’t just drive fast but also drive safely.”


“if you don’t drive safely, you may bump into a tree.”

“I like to bump into a tree, my racing car is very fast!”

“but you will get hurt and your car will get hurt too.”

“my racing car is very big.”

“your car may be broken if you bump it real hard.”

“then I will fix it with a lot of tapes.”

What can you do with your racing car?

“a boy killed a 6 and a half year old girl with a racing car.”

“really!? Who’s the girl?”

“The girl is Chloe, and the boy is me.”

“why do you need to kill her?”

“cos she is always mean to me.”


“mommy, do you know superman help many people?”

“when I grow up, I will be superman, you will have no son.” “superman son…you are superman mommy…superman daddy…”