old bits (before i lose track)

March 11 2010

[Chloe & Felix – bedtime conversation] 
“Chloe, what’s your teacher’s name?” “Ms. Betty” “What a nice name!” “Is she pretty?” “Yes..” [funny to hear real conversation between the kids, of cos it all end up being silly] …”Is she dada?” “Is she popo?” “….”
March 7 2010
“mommy, I ride on a pony.” “very good, would you like to ride again?” “no, I changed my mind. I want to ride on horse carriage next time.”
February 7 2010
“Felix, where is your table manner?” “it’s there…in that car…” [pointing to a car outside of the restaurant window]
February 4 2010
“Chloe, there will be an auntie and uncle visiting us for a few days, and they have two boys” “oh, that’s a lot of work” “why?” “cos boys are very tricky to take care of” “…”
January 29 2010
“Chloe, 你尋日响 supermarket 「撞」到邊個?” “no, I didn’t not bump any one yesterday.”
 January 27 2010
 Felix: “mami, I want to marry that girl…” who’s that girl? It is a fairy girl on the cover of chloe’s book…….  
 January 21 2010
 back home from office and got lectured – “mami, if you are going to the office, you need to tell me” chloe said.

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